Taking Snapshots

Composer takes before and after snapshots of the file system and creates a package source based on the changes. This method allows you to monitor installations in all locations on the drive. If necessary, you can also quit Composer or log out/reboot during the installation process.

Snapshots are most useful when you want to package files that are not already installed on the drive.

Composer can take two kinds of snapshots:
  • Normal snapshotsCapture any new files on the drive. Depending on your hardware and the number of files on the drive, normal snapshots can take anywhere from ten seconds to several minutes.
  • New and modified snapshotsCapture any new files on the drive in addition to any files that have been modified. Because Composer records the modifications date of each file while performing the snapshot, these snapshots can take longer than normal snapshots.
  1. Open Composer and authenticate locally.
  2. In the toolbar, click New .
  3. Under the Monitor Installation heading in the sidebar, select Snapshot.
  4. Select Normal Snapshot or New & Modified Snapshot and click Next.
  5. Enter a name for the package and click Next.
  6. Install and configure your software, and then click Create Package Source to initiate the "after" snapshot.