Creating Package Sources with Drag and Drop

If you already know which item you want to package, you can bypass the snapshot or monitoring process by dragging items from the Finder and dropping them in the Sources list in Composer.

There are a few ways Composer handles these items:

Dragged ItemDrop Location
PackagesDMGs, PKGs, and MPKGs are listed in the sidebar under the Packages heading
The root of the folder is used as the root of the package if it is one of the following directories:
  • /Applications/

  • /Developer/

  • /Library/

  • /System/

  • /Users/

  • /bin/

  • /private/

  • /sbin/

  • /usr/
Individual files and other itemsIndividual files and other items are copied to their current location
Note: This is the equivalent of a PreBuilt package in earlier versions of Composer.