Composer Release History

About Versioning: This page is updated to reflect Composer release history only when changes are made in the product. Consequently, the release version listed here may not align with the current Composer release version.




Apple Silicon Compatibility

Composer now natively support Macs with Apple silicon*.
*Hardware support is based on testing with the Mac Developer Transition Kit.

Bug Fix

[PI-008713] Fixed an issue that caused Composer to quit unexpectedly.


Users are now prompted to allow Composer full disk access only if it has not already been granted. This check occurs each time Composer is launched.


Security Improvements in Composer

Composer 10.22.0 includes a bug fix for an issue found in versions 10.18.0 to 10.21.0, which allowed standard users to obtain access to resources that require root access if Composer and the privileged helper from 10.18.0 to 10.21.0 was previously installed on the same computer with an administrator account.

To ensure computers with Composer are not affected by this issue, upgrade to Composer 10.22.0.

Bug Fix

[PI-008065] Fixed an issue that caused Composer to crash when attempting to convert large .app files to source.


Package Building and Conversion Process Improvements with Composer

You can now stop package builds and source conversions mid-process by clicking the Stop button. This allows you to make changes to a package source immediately rather than waiting for the process to complete. You can stop the following processes:

  • Building a PKG or DMG

  • Converting a PKG or DMG to source

For more information about building packages and creating package sources, see the Building Packages from Package Sources and Creating Package Sources pages of the Composer User Guide.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • After closing a Composer window, you can now click the Composer icon in the Dock to re-open the previously closed window.

  • When converting a package to source, the Composer progress window now displays a header that accurately describes the task.

  • Signing packages in Composer is now completed via the privileged helper tool.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Composer to ask for administrator credentials multiple times when launching a newly installed version of Composer.

  • [PI-007818] Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented users from creating PLIST files for package sources without an already existing PLIST.

  • [PI-007826] Fixed an issue that prevented Composer from prompting for full disk access on macOS 10.15.


Privileged Helper Installation

Composer now installs a privileged helper tool when first opened, which runs all Composer tasks that require root access. Administrator credentials are required to install the privileged helper each time Composer is opened. The following user experience improvements have been implemented with the privileged helper:

  • Composer opens in a more timely manner.

  • A second Composer icon no longer appears in the macOS dock when restarting as root.

  • Replacing pre-existing files in a source no longer causes Composer to fail.

  • Fixed issues that caused package privileges to not work as expected. All privileges are no longer set to "root:wheel 755" by default.

  • Preferences are now set on a per-user basis and no longer stored in a root location. Composer preferences are stored at ~/Library/Preferences

  • The DMG Filesystem prompt only appears when expected.

Uploading Package Manifests to Jamf Nation

You can no longer upload package manifests directly to Jamf Nation using Composer. If you want upload a package manifest to Jamf Nation, you must now navigate to a product page on Jamf Nation and upload a .composer manifest file. For more information, see the Package Manifests section of this guide.


When editing the info.plist files in a package source, the IF Major Version and IF Minor Version values are no longer used in the info.plist files of application bundles.

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