Migrating from Personal Device Profiles to Apple's User Enrollment

If you have personally owned devices currently enrolled in Jamf Pro using a legacy Personal Device Profile, you can migrate those devices to User Enrollment. When migrating to User Enrollment, keep in mind that devices enrolled using User Enrollment count as regular managed devices for your license count.

To re-enroll devices in Jamf Pro using User Enrollment, you must first remove the MDM profile from the device.


When removing the MDM profile from a device enrolled using a Personal Device Profile, any local corporate data will be deleted. It is recommended that you back up corporate data in iCloud before unenrolling the device.

Users may lose access to VPN and Mail while their personal device is in an unenrolled state. Jamf recommends you unenroll the device and then immediately re-enroll via User Enrollment when the user does not need access to these resources.

  1. On the device you want to remove the MDM profile from, navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap General, and then tap Device Management.
  3. Tap the MDM profile and tap Remove Management.

    If the device has a passcode, enter the passcode.

  4. Tap Remove Management to confirm.
The MDM profile is removed from the device.

Users can can now re-enroll their device via User Enrollment.