Installing and configuring the Altiris plug-in requires:

  • The JSS v9.7 or later

  • The following components installed on the server that hosts the Altiris database:

    • Altiris Client Management Suite v7.5

    • Symantec Administrator SDK (ASDK) v7.5

    • (Optional) Altiris Mobile Management v7.2

    • Java 1.7

  • Credentials for an Active Directory account, or a local administrator account on the server that hosts the Altiris database. This user must be a member of the "Symantec Administrators" group in Altiris and have read/write privileges to the Altiris database.

  • (JSS v9.7 or later) A JSS user account with privileges to read:

    • Computers

    • Smart computer groups

    • Static computer groups

    • Mobile devices

    • Smart mobile device groups

    • Static mobile device groups

    For instructions on granting privileges to JSS user accounts, see the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.

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