Installing the Altiris Plug-in

  1. On the server that hosts the JSS, extract the Altiris plug-in ZIP file.

  2. Run the JSS_Altiris_PluginInstaller.jar file.

    • On Mac and Linux, execute a command similar to the following:

      sudo java -jar /path/to/JSS_Altiris_PluginInstaller.jar
    • On Windows, run Command Prompt as an administrator and execute a command similar to the following:

      java -jar /path/to/JSS_Altiris_PluginInstaller.jar

      Note: To view a list of optional command-line arguments before running the installer, enter:
      --help or -h after the name of the JAR file.

  3. When prompted to restart Tomcat, type "y" to proceed.
    To access the Settings page for the plug-in, accounts that do not have full access to the plug-in will need to be granted “read” and/or “update” privileges. To grant these privileges, view the account in the JSS, click the Privileges tab, and then select the Read and/or Update checkbox for the Plugin Settings privilege as needed.

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