Reissuing the Public Key

You can reissue the public key to replace the existing connection between Jamf Pro, the Jamf PKI Proxy, and Venafi TPP with a new connection.

  1. In Jamf Pro, click Settings in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. In the Global Management section, click PKI Certificates .
  3. Click the Certificate Authorities tab.
  4. Locate the Venafi CA in the list, and then click View.
  5. Click Edit .
  6. Click Reissue.
  7. In the confirmation dialog, click Reissue. The .pem file will be reissued and downloaded.
  8. Open the downloaded .pem file in a text editor, copy the entire contents, and close the file.
  9. Go to the Jamf PKI Proxy host, open the following file and paste the contents of the downloaded .pem file into it:
    • Linux: ~/.jamf/authorized.pem

    • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Jamf\authorized.pem

  10. Go to the host of the Jamf PKI Proxy and stop the running Jamf PKI Proxy process.
  11. Execute the following command to start the service:
    jamf-pki-proxy start