The Healthcare Listener is a secure service that receives ADT messages from a healthcare management system. It allows traffic to pass securely from the healthcare management system to the JSS. The Healthcare Listener is hosted by the Infrastructure Manager, a service that is managed by the JSS.

To use the Healthcare Listener, you must install an Infrastructure Manager instance. When you install an instance of the Infrastructure Manager, the JSS allows you to enable and configure the Healthcare Listener.

After the Healthcare Listener is enabled and configured, it can receive ADT messages. If the Healthcare Listener has received an ADT message, the JSS automatically sends a remote command to mobile devices. (For more information about the communication process of the Healthcare Listener, see the Healthcare Listener Communication Knowledge Base article.)

After a remote command is sent to a mobile device, you can view the date/time of the remote command for a specific mobile device in the device's inventory information.

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