Create a Policy Directing Users to Register Mac Computers with Azure Active Directory

Once the Company Portal app is deployed to Mac computers, you can create a policy in Jamf Pro that directs end users to initiate the device registration process by running the Company Portal app. Users will need to launch the Company Portal app from Jamf Self Service for macOS to register their Mac computers with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as a device managed by Jamf Pro.

Important: Prior to deploying the policy, it is recommended that you notify your end users that they will be prompted to take action.

Creating a policy that registers Mac computers with Azure AD involves the following steps:

  1. In Jamf Pro, navigate to Computers > Policies, and create a new policy requiring users to register their Mac computer with Azure AD.

  2. Use the General payload to specify policy settings. For Execution Frequency, select "Ongoing".

  3. Configure the macOS Intune Integration payload.

  4. Click the Scope tab, and scope the policy to all targeted Mac computers.

  5. Click the Self Service tab and configure the policy to be made available in Jamf Self Service for macOS.

  6. (Optional) Include the policy in the Device Compliance category in Self Service.

  7. Click Save.

Note: The Company Portal app must be launched from Jamf Self Service to begin device registration. Launching the Company Portal app manually (e.g., from the Applications or Downloads folder) will not register the device. If an end user launches the Company Portal app manually, they will see an 'AccountNotOnboarded' warning message.

Inventory information is sent to Microsoft Intune only for Mac computers that have completed the device registration process with Azure AD. Jamf Pro sends the inventory state of each managed Mac computer that has checked in with Jamf Pro within the last 24 hours. For a list of Mac computer attributes that Jamf Pro sends to Microsoft Intune, see the Appendix in this guide.

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