You can integrate on-premise or hosted instances of Jamf Pro with the DigiCert PKI Platform to manage PKI certificates issued by DigiCert as a third-party certificate authority.

You can use Jamf Pro's PKI Certificates settings to configure a DigiCert integration. Each configuration is unique to your environment, and additional steps may be necessary.

After DigiCert has been configured as a third-party CA, you can issue DigiCert certificates to MDM-capable computers and mobile devices enrolled with Jamf Pro.


DigiCert certificates are issued multiple times to computers during profile re-enrollment. If deleting an MDM profile from a computer or removing it by executing the command, sudo jamf removeFramework, active DigiCert certificates will be issued multiple times during profile re-enrollment.

General Requirements

  • DigiCert PKI Platform

  • Web browser with the DigiCert PKI Platform

  • DigiCert administrator certificate added to your local keychain

  • Push certificate configured in Jamf Pro