Syncing Information (Automatic or Manual Sync)

Automatic Sync Information

It is possible to enable automatic synchronization for certain features in Jamf School. These are disabled by default and will need to be enabled.

Volume Purchasing and Automated Device Enrollment

Volume purchasing and Automated Device Enrollment are automatically synced every 24 hours, you do not have to configure this and is done automatically when you have one or more volume purchasing/Automated Device Enrollment tokens configured.

Apple School Manager and UserSync (LDAP)

It is possible to manually enable automatic sync for Apple School Manager and UserSync (LDAP). This is done in their respective configurations shown in the following screenshots:

Apple School Manager


User Sync


Manual Sync Information

You can synchronize using the Sync now button on your dashboard. This button does the following things:

  • If you have enabled volume purchasing, it will synchronize all volume purchasing applications and users.

  • If you have enabled Automated Device Enrollment, it will synchronize all Automated Device Enrollment devices and creating any missing Automated Device Enrollment placeholders

  • If you have enabled user synchronization through LDAP, it will synchronize all users with the remote service

  • If you have enabled Apple School Manager, it will synchronize all classes and users with Apple School Manager

For example, if you have assigned new Automated Device Enrollment devices to Jamf School in the Automated Device Enrollment portal or Apple School Manager, you should click this button once to retrieve these.

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