Jamf School Student App Overview

This article provides an overview of the features available in the Jamf School Student app and how to use them. Jamf School Student is a free mobile device app and web application that students can use to access apps, profiles, and documents assigned to them. It is used in conjunction with the Jamf School Teacher app to allow teachers to manage their classes. For more information about Jamf School Teacher, see Jamf School Teacher App Overview. Jamf School Student management capabilities are configured in Jamf School by navigating to Organization > Settings > Jamf School Student.

Jamf School Student contains the following features:

  • Self Service

  • Messages

  • Student Management Features


To use Jamf School Student, you need users assigned as students. For more information on how to assign a student, see Configuring the Jamf School Student App in Jamf School.

Logging In

Students are automatically logged in to Jamf School Student on their devices if they are assigned to that device in Jamf School, or they can log in by selecting their school and entering their credentials if they are not assigned to the device.


Self Service

In the mobile app on the Jamf School Student dashboard, students can find apps, documents, and profiles that are assigned to them by tapping or clicking the icon with their device name. They can also tap Options to view and perform available operating system updates for their device, refresh their device, clear the passcode, clear activation lock, or wipe the device. The options available depend on what features are enabled in Organization > Settings > Jamf School Student.

Note: When distributing apps, documents, and profiles to students, they must be configured to install on-demand to appear on the dashboard. For more information, see Distributing Apps and Books and Creating and Distributing Profiles.


Messages allows students to receive messages from teachers. Students can view messages in Jamf School Student by tapping Messages on their dashboard. On devices with Jamf School Student 5.0 or later, students can send messages to teachers if the teacher enables it on the Jamf School Teacher app by tapping or clicking Settings > Enable Replies in Messages.

Student Management Features

  • Attention—When the teacher sends the student an attention message, it is not possible for the student to do anything with the device until the message is cleared.

  • Restriction Mode—When the device is in restriction mode the student can only use the functions that are not restricted by the teacher.

  • Weblock—When the device is in WebLock, the student can only navigate to the whitelisted websites that are set by the teacher. It is also possible to lock the student in Safari.

  • Applock—When the device is in Applock, the student can only use the the whitelisted Apps, any unlisted apps will not be seen by the student.

    Note: The settings app will always be visible due to a policy set by Apple.

  • Lessons—The student can only do things that the teacher set in the specific lesson.

Related Information

For more information on the features in Jamf School Teacher, see Jamf School Teacher App Overview.

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