Jamf School Student Integration with Jamf School

This article provides an overview of the features available in the Jamf School Student app and how to use them. Jamf School Student is a free mobile device app that students can use to access apps, profiles, and documents that are assigned to them. It is used in conjunction with Jamf Teacher to allow teachers to manage their classes. Jamf School Student management capabilities are configured in Jamf School by navigating to Organization > Settings > Jamf School Student.

Jamf School Student contains the following features:

  • LibraryIn the Jamf School Student sidebar, students can find apps, books and documents, and profiles that are assigned to them by tapping Library.

    When distributing apps, books and documents, and profiles to students, they must be configured to install on-demand to appear on the dashboard For more information, see Content Distribution Methods and Device Profiles.

  • MessagesMessages allows students to receive messages from teachers. Students can view messages in Jamf School Student by tapping the Messages icon in the sidebar. On devices with Jamf School Student 5.0 or later, students can send messages to teachers if the teacher enables it in the Jamf Teacher app by tapping or clicking Settings > Enable Replies in messages.
  • Raise Hand

    When enabled, Raise Hand is a feature that allows students to request help from a teacher. When a student taps Raise Hand in the sidebar, they can select a teacher to send a help request to. After the student requests help, the teacher is notified and can contact the student via a message or email.

  • Student Management Features
    These features allow teachers to use Jamf Teacher to manage student devices.
    • Attention

      Locks the student's device in Jamf School Student and displays a message from the teacher. Teachers must clear the message before the student can resume using their device.

    • Restriction ModePrevents the student form using any function that is restricted by the teacher.
    • WeblockPrevents the student from navigating to websites other than those safelisted by the teacher. Teachers can also lock the student in Safari.

      The Settings app is always visible.

    • LessonsEnsures students can only visit websites and use apps that the teacher configured in the lesson.
  • Settings

    Students can tap their profile icon in the sidebar to view and perform available operating system updates for their device, refresh their device, clear the passcode, clear activation lock, or wipe the device. The options available depend on what features are enabled in Organization > Settings > Jamf School Student.

Configuring Jamf School Student Settings


To configure Jamf School Student, you need:

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Jamf School Student payload to configure management settings in the Features section.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the Jamf School Teacher payload to configure settings and management capabilities.
  5. Click Save.

Distributing the Jamf School Student App

You can distribute Jamf School Student by adding the app from the App Store to Jamf School or by purchasing it through Apps and Books in Apple School Manager. For more information, see Apps Purchased in Volume and App Store App Distribution.

After the app is distributed to the devices, students are automatically logged in to Jamf School Student if they are assigned to the device. If the student is not assigned to the device, they must log in with their user account credentials.

If you want to use Jamf School Student on a device without a permanent owner, you can select the Device Session checkbox in the Jamf School Student settings in Jamf School. Students will automatically be logged in as a guest user when they open Jamf School Student.

You can only use this setting if you are logged in using Managed Configuration. Functionality will be limited to installing and removing apps, documents, and profiles, and device actions including Clear Passcode, Software Update and Erase Device.