Creating and Managing Web Clips

It is possible to create a Web Clip in Jamf School. This is done in the general settings of a profile. The following screen shot is an example of how a Web Clip should be configured.


Web Clips are permitted on Shared iPads with iOS 11.3 or later. You can share Web Clips with Apple Classroom for devices with iOS 11.2 or earlier, but there is no way to save these to the home screen.

If you want your Web Clip to open in Chrome, use googlechrome:// before the address. For example, googlechrome://

Note: It is also possible to create Web Clips for macOS. For more information, see Adding Web Clips for macOS Client Computers.

Managing Web Clips

In Jamf School, there are multiple things you need to know about managing Web Clips:

  • Users can always create Web Clips (Apple does not allow management of these settings).

  • It is possible to disable removal of Web Clips by turning off the "Allow removing apps" feature in restriction settings.

    • When a profile layout is configured, users cannot remove Web Clips regardless of this restriction.

  • When whitelisting or blacklisting apps, it is possible to whitelist or blacklist all Web Clips. images/

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