Configuring the Jamf School Student App in Jamf School

This article provides information on configuring and using the Jamf School Student app within Jamf School.


Installing the App on Student Devices

The easiest way to distribute the Student app is by purchasing it via VPP and deploy it to the devices.

  1. In the Jamf School management system, configure VPP if it’s not already configured.

  2. "Buy" the free Jamf School Student app at

  3. (Optional) In Jamf School, navigate to the Dashboard and click on Sync Now to force a sync with VPP to make the purchased app appear faster.

  4. Navigate to “Apps” and find the Jamf School Student app, and then apply a scope which contains all students that should install the app.
    The app will now be distributed to the students devices.

Creating User Accounts (if they do not already exist)

You can skip this step if you already have user accounts for your students in Jamf School (with an username and password) or if you are using LDAP authentication.

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Import / Synchronize in the sidebar and choose a method to import your students. You can also choose to create them manually at Users & Groups > Overview.

  2. You can use the Generate Accounts feature to generate a large number of accounts for the students at once, which involves the following steps:

    1. Navigate to Users & Groups > Overview.

    2. Select the students that you want to generate an password for.

    3. Click on Generate accounts.

    4. In the popup that will appear, you will have the option to enter a message that will be sent to the student by mail and the password strength.


  3. Click Generate. The students will receive an e-mail with their username (e-mail address) and generated password.

Logging in to the Jamf School Student app

After the app is pushed to the devices, the student needs to log in with the credentials emailed to them.

The students now have the Student app installed and configured. As a teacher or parent, you now have the ability to send a message (attention screen) or take a quiz.

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