About Title Editor


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Title Editor is a Jamf-hosted service that extends Patch Management services in Jamf Pro to provide custom software titles, override existing patch definitions, and create custom patch definitions. This feature allows organizations to automate and monitor the maintenance of application updates.


Patch definitions created or subscribed to in Title Editor are not code-signed by default. To use code signature validation in Jamf Pro, a publicly trusted code-signing certificate needs to be added to Title Editor. For more information, see Code-Signing Endpoints.

The traffic between Jamf Pro and Title Editor is encrypted; however, like all external patch sources, the standard endpoints are publicly accessible.

After setting up your Title Editor instance in Jamf Pro, you can use the built-in functionality in Jamf Pro to create patch reports, patch notifications, and patch policies.


The hosted data region used by Title Editor is us-east-1 and cannot be changed to any other region.