Applying Device Compliance Policies to Mac Computers


You must establish a macOS Intune integration. For more information, see Configuring the macOS Intune Integration using the Cloud Connector.

  • Open the Microsoft Azure portal, and navigate to Intune > Device Compliance > Policies and create policies for Mac computers.

    You can also select a series of actions (e.g., sending warning emails) that should be applied to non-compliant users and groups.

  • In Jamf Pro, navigate to Settings > Global Management > Conditional Access to set the number of days before a Mac computer is marked non-compliant.

    Default is 120 days.

  • Navigate to Assignments and apply the compliance policies to specified users or groups.

    If Mac computers have network accounts that do not match a local account, compliance policies dealing with password complexity should not be used within Microsoft Intune as they cannot be reported correctly from Jamf Pro. Password complexity is enforced by the network account server.