You can use Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect together to enroll users, configure account creation settings, and create a simple enrollment experience for users:

  • Enrollment Customization—Use the Enrollment Customization settings in Jamf Pro to require authentication via a cloud identity provider (IdP) before enrollment, customize the PreStage enrollment experience, and pass user information to Jamf Connect to create a local accounts on computers.

  • Configure Jamf Connect Settings—Use Jamf Pro to configure and deploy Jamf Connect settings to target computers via the Applications & Custom Settings payload in a computer configuration profile.

  • Create a Local Account—Allow Jamf Pro to pass user information to Jamf Connect, which will create a new local account on Mac computers.

Configuring this workflow involves the following administrator tasks:


General Requirements

  • Jamf Pro 10.19.0 or later

  • Jamf Connect 1.12.0 (includes Jamf Connect Login 1.7.0) or later

  • Target computers with macOS 10.15.0 or later

  • A cloud identity provider (IdP) that supports SAML and OpenID Connect authentication protocols

  • Integration with Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) in Jamf Pro

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