You can use Jamf Pro 10.26.0 or later to manage the settings for computer applications in your environment. These settings can be edited within the Jamf Pro interface and re-distributed as needed. For example, you can customize the background image of Jamf Connect so your users are presented with a familiar look and feel.

Before you can manage your app using Jamf Pro and an app manifest, you must first create or obtain the structured data (a manifest in JSON Schema format) for the app. You can add this manifest to Jamf Pro, and Jamf Pro processes this manifest to dynamically generate the property list (key-value pairs) in the Jamf Pro interface.

After you create or obtain the manifest, you can complete the entire process of managing your app using the Application & Custom Settings payload (previously called "Custom Settings") in computer configuration profiles in Jamf Pro. This process looks similar to the following:

  1. Create a computer configuration profile with an Application & Custom Settings payload.

  2. Add the JSON Schema for your app to the payload.

  3. Customize the app using any of the dynamically populated settings in the Jamf Pro interface.

  4. Distribute the settings using the configuration profile.

    Jamf recommends that you distribute your app and the custom settings for your app concurrently.

When you save the profile, Jamf Pro automatically converts the key-value pairs you customized for the app to the appropriate format needed for a configuration profile.