The Healthcare Listener is a service that receives ADT messages from a healthcare management system and allows traffic to pass securely from the healthcare management system to Jamf Pro.

To use the Healthcare Listener, you must install a Jamf Infrastructure Manager instance that hosts the Healthcare Listener. When you install an instance of the Infrastructure Manager, Jamf Pro allows you to enable and configure the Healthcare Listener to receive ADT messages. When the Healthcare Listener receives an ADT message, Jamf Pro interprets the message to automatically send remote commands to mobile devices based on rules you configure. For example, you can create a rule that prompts Jamf Pro to send the Wipe Device command to the device assigned to the patient room when the Healthcare Listener receives a "Patient Discharge" ADT message. After a remote command is sent to a mobile device, you can view the date/time of the remote command for a specific mobile device in the device's inventory information.

Network Communication

The Healthcare Listener communicates with the healthcare management system using the port specified in the Healthcare Listener settings in Jamf Pro. When the Healthcare Listener hosted by an Infrastructure Manager instance receives an ADT message from the healthcare management system, this Infrastructure Manager instance checks in with Jamf Pro. If the Healthcare Listener has received an ADT message, Jamf Pro automatically sends a remote command to mobile devices that are mapped to the value for bed number in the healthcare management system.

Note: For Jamf Pro to send a remote command to mobile devices, you need a valid push certificate. For more information about creating a push certificate, see Push Certificates in the Jamf Pro Documentation.

The following diagram shows network communication with example ports between the healthcare management system and Jamf Pro with the Infrastructure Manager installed:


Additional Information

For more information, see the following section in the Jamf Pro Documentation:

For more information about network communication and the connections initiated between the Infrastructure Manager and Jamf Pro, see the Network Ports Used by Jamf Pro article.

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