Apple releases a new operating system for computers annually and several minor macOS updates throughout the year. Jamf recommends you upgrade or update to the latest macOS version to reduce security vulnerabilities, support greater user efficiency and productivity with new features, and use new computer management capabilities.

Jamf Pro supports many methods to deploy software upgrades and updates for macOS. These methods include built-in updating mechanisms that you can manage by both command-line tools with Jamf policies or by sending remote commands that leverage Apple's MDM protocol. In some environments, you may want to use additional methods provided by full macOS Install Assistant installer applications.

When deploying macOS upgrades and updates, each deployment method process may have different end user experiences and network bandwidth considerations. Because all software upgrades and updates require time to complete, you should also consider user interruptions and notifications.

Jamf recommends testing these workflows on a small number of computers in your environment before broadly targeting the computers in your organization.