You can use Jamf platform products to connect, manage, and protect Mac computers in your organization. You can use Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP) to enroll computers with Jamf Pro, which allows you to manage computers and deploy the following Jamf platform products:
Jamf Connect
Create local accounts on Mac computers from a user's network account information and continuously sync local and network passwords.
Jamf Protect
Protect computers from threats, detect suspicious behavior, and gain visibility into native security tools on macOS.

Deploying Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect deployment involves the following steps: 

  1. (Optional) Packaging custom files and images 

  2. Configuring Jamf Connect settings with the Application & Custom Settings payload in a computer configuration profile.

  3. Deploying Jamf Connect using by choosing a deployment version for a configuration profile or via PreStage enrollment. Which workflow you use may vary based on your environment, whether you are deploying to existing or new computers, and whether you are deploying custom files and images for the login window.

  4. Configuring update settings for computers in the scope of Jamf Connect configuration profiles.

Deploying Jamf Protect

Jamf Protect deployment involves the following steps:

  1. Integrating your Jamf Protect tenant with Jamf Pro

  2. Downloading and uploading the latest Jamf Protect package.

  3. Configuring scope for synced Jamf Protect plan configuration profiles. 

  4. Deploying Jamf Protect automatically or via a policy.

Jamf Platform Integration Service

The Jamf Platform Integration Service is a Jamf-hosted service that allows Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect to integrate with Jamf Pro. After enabling the connection, Jamf Pro will allow you to do the following with your Jamf applications:
Jamf Protect

After a one-time registration, you can download the latest version of the Jamf Protect package and configure scope for Jamf Protect plan configuration profiles directly from Jamf Pro

Jamf Connect
All of your configuration profiles that have Jamf Connect settings display on a single page in Jamf Pro. You can configure Jamf Pro to install and update the Jamf Connect package on computers in their scope automatically.

The following network diagram shows how Jamf Pro communicates with these services: