Creating an Advanced Mobile Device Search

  1. In Jamf Pro, click Devices at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Click Search Inventory in the sidebar.
  3. Click New .
  4. Use the Search pane to configure basic settings for the search.
 To save the search, select the Save this Search checkbox.
  5. Click the Criteria tab and add criteria for the search:
    1. Click Add .
    2. Click Choose for the criteria you want to add.

      Only your 30 most frequently used criteria are listed. To display additional criteria, click Show Advanced Criteria.

      Best Practice:

      To search for all personally owned devices enrolled in Jamf Pro, select Device Ownership Type from the advanced criteria, and then choose one or more of the Personal value options.

    3. Choose an operator from the Operator pop-up menu.
    4. Enter a value in the Value field or browse for a value by clicking Browse .
    5. Repeat steps a through d to add criteria as needed.
  6. Choose an operator from the And/Or pop-up menus to specify relationships between criteria.
  7. To group criteria and join multiple operations, choose parentheses from the pop-up menus around the criteria you want to group.

    Operations in the search take place in the order they are listed (top to bottom).

  8. Click the Display tab and select the attribute fields you want to display in your search results.
  9. Click Save .
  10. To view search results, click View .

The results of a saved search are updated each time mobile devices contact Jamf Pro and meet or fail to meet the specified search criteria.

You can export the data in your search results to different file formats or perform actions on the results. For more information, see Mobile Device Reports or Mobile Device Mass Actions.