Configuring User-Initiated Enrollment Settings

Jamf Pro's User-Initiated Enrollment settings configure enrollment restrictions, workflows, and user experience for devices.

  1. In Jamf Pro, click Settings in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. In the Global Management section, click User-Initiated Enrollment .
  3. Click Edit .
  4. Use the General pane to configure settings for restricting re-enrollment, skipping certificate installation, or uploading a third-party signing certificate to be used during enrollment.

    The certificate installation step is skipped by default.

  5. Use the Messaging pane to customize the text displayed on devices during enrollment.

    You can configure text for multiple languages. Use Markdown to format your text. For information about using Markdown to customize the messages, see the Using Markdown to Format Text article.

    1. To add a language, click Add and then choose the language from the Language pop-up menu. To customize an existing language, click Edit .

      English is the default language if the device does not have a preferred language set on it.

    2. In the Page Title for Enrollment field, enter a page title to display at the top of all enrollment pages.
    3. Use the Language dialog to further customize settings such as Login and Device ownership messaging.
    4. Click Save.
  6. Use the iOS pane to enable Profile-Driven User Enrollment (user-initiated enrollment via URL) and Account-Driven User Enrollment (user-initiated enrollment using a Managed Apple ID) for mobile devices.

    If you have personally owned devices currently enrolled in Jamf Pro using a Personal Device Profile, enabling Account-Driven User Enrollment or Profile-Driven User Enrollment does not remove them from management.

  7. Click Save .

User-Initiated Enrollment Messaging Settings

You can use the Messaging pane's Language dialog to customize the following settings:
Customize the way you want the Login page to display to users.

This is the only setting you can customize for Account-Driven User Enrollment.

Device Ownership

Customize the text that displays to users based on their mobile device ownership type.

The text displayed on the enrollment page depends on which enrollment options you enable:

  • Institutionally and personally owned mobile devicesCustomize the text that prompts users to choose the appropriate device ownership type, and customize the device management description that explains the IT management capabilities for each device ownership type. When users select the personal or institutional device ownership type, the respective device management description is displayed.
  • Personally owned devices onlyCustomize the device management description that explains the IT management capabilities for personal device ownership. This description is accessible to users by tapping the Information icon displayed on the Personal MDM page during enrollment.
End User License Agreement

Enter an End User License Agreement (EULA) for personally owned devices.

If the EULA fields are left blank, a EULA page is not displayed to users during enrollment.

Customize the message that prompts users to install the CA certificate for mobile devices to trust at enrollment.
Personal MDM Profile
Customize the message that prompts users to install the MDM profile for personally owned devices.
User Enrollment MDM Profile
Customize the message that prompts users to install the MDM profile, including guidance for users on what to enter for their Managed Apple ID.
Customize the messages that are displayed to users if enrollment is successful or fails.