Manually Connecting to an 802.1X Network on a Computer

Manually connecting to an 802.1X network can be used to observe the following:

  • The ability to connect to the network without using a configuration profile from Jamf Pro

  • The ability to view the certificate trust prompt coming from the RADIUS server's certificate

  1. In System Preferences, open the Network pane, and then select Wi-Fi from the list of connection types. Click the Network Name pop-up menu, and then either choose the network you want to test.

  2. If the network is hidden, enter the name in the Network Name field. Click the Security pop-up menu, and choose WPA2 Enterprise. Click the Mode pop-up menu to view the options that your RADIUS controller supports. If PEAP is the RADIUS controller's default or higher priority protocol, you can select Automatic to connect with PEAP. If EAP-TLS is your secondary protocol, you must have an acceptable Identity Certificate, which can usually be obtained from a service like SCEP, or from a person who manages your certificates.

  3. If you are using PEAP, enter your credentials in the Username and Password fields, and then click Join.

  4. You are promoted to confirm that you want to trust the certificate that the RADIUS server is using, assuming the certificate or the certificate authority is not already trusted in the computer's keychain. Click Show Certificate to view more certificate information.

  5. You can see what the Common Name of the certificate is and who issued the certificate, as in the certificate authority or intermediate CA. This information is helpful when requesting the certificates in .cer or .p12 format.

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