Troubleshooting Jamf Protect Auto Enrollment


When automatically deploying the Jamf Protect installer package via PreStage enrollment in Jamf Pro, installation fails on client computers.


Users installing Jamf Protect from Jamf Pro's PreStage enrollment may experience an issue where the automatic PKG deployment fails and Jamf Protect does not successfully install.


Jamf recommends manually downloading the Jamf Protect installer .pkg and uploading it as a Policy in Jamf Pro.


This is a temporary workaround procedure to deploying Jamf Protect until the issue with automatic PreStage enrollment is resolved.

  1. In Jamf Protect, click Administrative > Downloads.

  2. Download the Jamf Protect PKG.

  3. Upload the package to a Jamf Pro distribution point.

  4. In Jamf Pro, click Computers > Policies.

  5. Create a policy to deploy the Jamf Protect installer package.

For more information see Policy Management in the Jamf Pro Documentation.