Switching from Manually Uploaded Jamf Protect Plans to Synced Plans in Jamf Pro

If you have a Jamf Protect subscription and registered your Jamf Protect tenant with Jamf Pro 10.27.0 or later, plans from your Jamf Protect tenant are available as computer configuration profiles in Jamf Pro. You can configure the scope of plan configuration profiles to deploy them to target computers.

If you previously uploaded Jamf Protect plans as computer configuration profiles, you may have duplicate versions of plan configuration profiles in Jamf Pro.

This procedure contains steps to delete manually uploaded Jamf Protect plan configuration profiles and re-apply their scope to their synced plan equivalent. This ensures you do not have duplicate plan configuration profiles with identical or overlapping scope in Jamf Pro.

Keep the following mind when you complete this procedure:

  • You must repeat this procedure for each manually uploaded plan configuration profile in your environment.
  • To reduce the amount of time that computers do not have a plan configuration profile, immediately re-applying the scope to the synced plan after you delete the manually uploaded plan is recommended.
  • You must delete the manually uploaded version of a plan before you configure scope for a plan's synced version. If you configure scope for the synced plan and then delete the manually uploaded version, computers will be unable to check-in with the Jamf Protect Cloud.
  • A Jamf Protect subscription.
  • One or more Jamf Protect plans that were previously uploaded to Jamf Pro.
  • Registration of your Jamf Protect tenant in Jamf Pro 10.27.0 or later. For more information, see Jamf Protect Integration with Jamf Pro in the Jamf Pro Documentation.
  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.
  2. Click Computers.
  3. Click Configuration Profiles.
  4. Select a previously uploaded Jamf Protect plan configuration profile that you want to delete.
  5. Click the Scope tab.
  6. Make note of the computers in the scope for the configuration profile.
  7. Click Delete.
  8. Click Settings.
  9. Click Jamf Applications.
  10. Click Jamf Protect.
  11. In the Jamf Protect Plans table, click on the synced version of the plan configuration profile that you deleted.List of Jamf Protect plans for deployment
  12. Click Edit.
  13. Click the Scope tab.
  14. Re-apply the scope of manually uploaded plan configuration profile to the synced version of the configuration profile.
  15. Click Save.
The synced plan configuration profile is distributed to target computers the next time they check in with Jamf Pro. The scope also displays in the Scope column on the Jamf Protect page in Jamf Pro.