Recently Purchased Volume Content is not Displayed in Jamf Pro

Apps and books purchased using Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) sometimes fail to appear immediately in Jamf Pro. This prevents the content from being available to distribute via VPP-managed distribution.

This article explains how to pull content recently purchased from VPP into Jamf Pro if it doesn't appear immediately in Jamf Pro.

  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.
  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings.
  3. Click Global Management.
  4. Click Volume Purchasing.
  5. Click the location that was used to purchase the missing apps or books.
  6. Click the Content tab. A list of content purchased in volume displayed.
  7. For every app or book that has a red number in the Total Purchased column, click the Refresh button next to it to update the total purchased content.

    A red number in the Total Purchased column indicates that content has been purchased but is not yet available in Jamf Pro.

  8. If there is purchased content that is not displayed, click the Update Purchased Content button and follow the onscreen instructions to add that content. When you're done, the missing content is displayed in the list.