Manually Initiating a Policy

Triggers are events that initiate a policy (e.g., startup, login, logout). When you create a policy, you can choose one or more pre-defined triggers, or you can choose a custom trigger. There are two ways to initiate a policy with a pre-defined trigger: wait for the trigger event to occur, or use the jamf binary to initiate the policy manually. A policy with a custom trigger must be initiated manually using the jamf binary.

Execute the following command on managed computers:

sudo jamf policy -event triggerName -verbose

If the policy has a pre-defined trigger, replace triggerName with the appropriate value. The following is a list of pre-defined triggers and the corresponding values:

  • Loginlogin

  • Logoutlogout

  • Startupstartup

  • Network State ChangenetworkStateChange

  • Enrollment CompleteenrollmentComplete

  • Recurring Check-in—None (Simply execute sudo jamf policy -verbose)

If the policy has a custom trigger, replace triggerName with the custom trigger name specified in the policy.