Installing Java and MySQL for Jamf Pro 10.14.0 or Later

This article explains how to install and configure Java 11 and MySQL 8.0 on supported Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Before you can install Jamf Pro 10.14.0 or later, Java 11 must be installed and running on the Jamf Pro server, and a supported version of MySQL must be installed on the Jamf Pro server or a separate server.

If you have Java 8 installed on the Jamf Pro server, you should uninstall it before installing Java 11. For instructions, see the Migrating to Java 11 article.


Different versions of Jamf Pro may have specific MySQL version requirements. To find which version of MySQL is recommended for your version of Jamf Pro, see "System Requirements" in the Jamf Pro Release Notes for your version of Jamf Pro. If you are upgrading Jamf Pro and have an incompatible version of the MySQL 5 series installed, Jamf recommends that you upgrade to MySQL 8.0. For instructions, see the Upgrading to MySQL 8.0 article.