IPv6 Compatibility in Jamf Pro

This article covers assessment test results obtained during the August 2022 testing of Jamf Pro against the Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 (IPv6) only network with a NAT64 gateway and on the current Jamf-hosted server with clients currently operating on IPv6.

IPv6 is the next generation IP replacing the current IPv4 32-bit system, which is running out of available IP address options for users. The utilization of IPv6 benefits users without needing network address translation (NAT). IPv6 will provide Jamf users with faster routing through simplified headers, prevention of network fragmentation, and increased security.

IPv6-Only Network with a NAT64 Gateway

When testing Jamf Pro in an IPv6 on-premise environment, Jamf discovered the following integrations did not support connectivity with a NAT64 gateway:
  • Apple School Manager Roster

  • Cloud Services Connection (support failed upon reaching Automated Device Enrollment)

  • Automated Device Enrollment

  • Apple's Apps and Books (provided partial connectivity)

  • Apple's Global Service Exchange

  • Jamf Push Proxy

  • Engage

  • SMTP

  • Jamf Pro Summary service

The integrations listed below supported full function in an IPv6 on-premise environment with the NAT64 gateway:
  • Apple Push Notification service

  • Azure SSO

  • Google SSO

  • Okta SSO

IPv6-Only Network without a NAT64 Gateway

When testing Jamf Pro against an IPv6-only network without a NAT64 gateway, Jamf found that the following services supported an IPv6-only environment but still needed the current IPv4 communication:
  • Apple Push Notification service

  • Automated Device Enrollment

  • Apple's App and Books

In addition, Jamf Pro failed to properly collect and save IPv6 addresses for both mobile devices and computers. Jamf Pro also failed to save network segments that used IPv6 addresses.