Engage Overview and FAQ

Engage collects usage analytics as part of an ongoing effort to continuously improve your Jamf Pro experience.

In addition, Engage displays helpful tool tips and feature highlights in Jamf Pro to identify brand new features and help guide you through complex workflows. Engage also enables you to provide helpful user feedback to Jamf directly from your Jamf Pro environment.

Engage is enabled by default upon upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.9.0 or later.

How does Engage work?

Engage collects user interactions (e.g., the steps a user takes to complete a task) to help Jamf identify areas where usability improvements could be made in Jamf Pro. Data collected includes the names of fields, buttons, and other UI elements. Engage does not collect any user-entered text or information entered in form fields in Jamf Pro, nor does it gather any metrics from your Jamf Pro database.

Can I view the data collected?


Who collects and processes Engage data?

Engage data is collected and processed by Pendo. Pendo is GDPR-compliant. For more information, visit the following webpage:


How can I opt out?

To disable Engage, log in to Jamf Pro and navigate to Settings > System Setting > Engage.

Why don't I see any Engage interactions in my Jamf Pro environment?

Engage interactions in Jamf Pro may fail to display if one of the following occur:

  • The ports required for communication are not open

    Engage uses the standard HTTP/HTTPS ports to communicate with Jamf Pro. For more information, see the Network Ports Used by Jamf Pro article.

  • The browser you are using has ad block enabled

    Using a browser with ad blocking software enabled may prevent Engage from displaying properly. To fully experience Engage, ensure that you are using a browser that does not have ad block enabled.

  • Engage is disabled in Jamf Pro

    To enable Engage, log in to Jamf Pro and navigate to Settings > System Setting > Engage.