Downloading the SIS Importer Plug-in

The SIS Importer is a plug-in for the Jamf Pro Conduit which allows administrators to import class data from a Student Information System (SIS) to Jamf Pro.

  1. Open the following link in a new browser tab:
  2. Click the file to download it.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and unzip it.
The file contains the following:
  • SIS Importer Plug-in User Guide v1.42.0.pdf

  • com.jamfsoftware.conduit.plugins.sisplugin.SISPluginCore.jar

  • Three sample .txt files:

    • sample1.txt

    • sample2.txt

    • sample3.txt


    • Jamf Pro Conduit User Guide v2.42.0.pdf

    • JSSConduit.jar