Downloading the SIS Importer Plug-in

The SIS Importer is a plug-in for the Jamf Pro Conduit, which allows administrators to import class data from a student information system (SIS) to Jamf Pro.

Support for the SIS Importer plug-in was discontinued with Jamf Pro 10.42.0. If you need to integrate your SIS with Jamf Pro, see the Integrating with Apple School Manager to Support Apple's Education Features Using Jamf Pro technical paper.

  1. Open the following link in a new browser tab:
  2. Click the file to download it.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and unzip it.
The file contains the following:
  • SIS Importer Plug-in User Guide v1.42.0.pdf

  • com.jamfsoftware.conduit.plugins.sisplugin.SISPluginCore.jar

  • Three sample .txt files:

    • sample1.txt

    • sample2.txt

    • sample3.txt


    • Jamf Pro Conduit User Guide v2.42.0.pdf

    • JSSConduit.jar