Disabling Data Syncing between Mac Computers and Mobile Apple Devices

You can use a custom computer configuration profile from Jamf's open source repository to disable the Finder from syncing data between managed computers and iOS or iPadOS devices. This prevents people in your organization from copying corporate data on computers to mobile devices and reduces the risk of data loss.

DisabledNot Disabled
  • Connecting iOS or iPadOS devices with the Finder on computersvia USB or Wi-Fi

  • Syncing or transferring data with the Finder from these Apple services:

    • Apple Music

    • Photos

    • Contacts

    • Calendars

  • Manually copying files from a Mac computer to an iOS or iPadOS device

  • Connecting iOS or iPadOS devices to the Console app or Apple Configurator

  • Syncing or transferring data using third-party tools (such as iMazing)

  • Charging connected devices via USB


Computers with macOS 10.15 or later

  1. Download or create this custom configuration profile from Jamf's Open Source Repository.
  2. Upload the configuration profile to your MDM solution.
  3. Deploy the configuration profile to target computers that you want to prevent from syncing data with iOS or iPadOS devices.