Collecting the IP Address and Reported IP Address in Jamf Pro

This article explains how the IP address and reported IP address are updated and how they are used to calculate network segments.

Inventory Field Updates

In the inventory record of a Mac computer, there are two IP address fields: the reported IP address and the IP address. The reported IP address field displays what the client computer reports as its IP address. The IP address field displays the IP address Jamf Pro last used to reach the client computer. These inventory items may not match if the client is connected to a VPN, for example. Both items are updated when a computer checks in to the Jamf Pro server.

The reported IP address is also updated when a computer submits inventory via the "Update Inventory" policy to the Jamf Pro server. The "Update Inventory" policy is automatically enabled when Jamf Pro is installed. The reported IP address is collected by the jamf binary during a check-in and can be received by executing the following command:

For more information about Inventory Collection and Managing Policies, see Computer Inventory Collection and Policy Management in the Jamf Pro Documentation.

Network Segment Calculations

Network segments are evaluated based on the reported IP address.

The calculation occurs any time the binary on the computer communicates with the Jamf Pro server. For example, if a policy is configured to run on a pre-defined trigger, network segments are calculated before the actual content of the policy runs.