Apple Beta Software Program

This article describes how to participate in and provide feedback through the Apple Beta Software Program.

There are several mechanisms available for administrators, partners, and customers to provide feedback to Apple.

Apple introduces new operating systems yearly that bring new capabilities and deprecate legacy APIs. Developers and customers who participate in both Jamf and Apple beta programs ensure critical applications and integration's are functional ahead of new operating system releases.

Apple administrators aid in managing the experience of millions of end users. It is important for those administrators to participate in the AppleBeta Software Programs and provide feedback for specific point releases during the operating system life-cycle. The earlier critical workflow testing occurs within the beta program communities, the more likely Apple ensures that current and new technologies meet functional requirements.

Signing Up for an Apple Beta Software Program

Apple maintains a number of beta programs that are available for different audiences. You may join an Apple Beta Software Program, shown below, depending on your role or responsibilities.

Table 1. Apple Beta Software Program Enrollment Audience
Links for Apple Beta Programs Program Description administrators of Apple devices creating software for Apple platforms and individuals who do not have beta or another agreement with Apple

Utilizing the Feedback Feature

Apple utilizes a Feedback feature to coordinate all Apple Beta Software Program feedback and bug reporting.

The best choice in providing feedback to Apple is through the Feedback Assistant App. The assigned ticket number is a big help for referencing your feedback when talking to Apple or Jamf.

Feedback MechanismFeedback Function

This website tracks Feedback IDs and Apple is the interaction point for Apple to respond to submitted tickets.

Feedback Assistant App

This native application provides feedback directly to Apple from within the tested operating system.

The app reports specific and helpful information about your system logging that aids in responses from Apple.Apple

This is the Apple consumer product feedback location site.

Best Practices to Provide Apple Beta Software Program Feedback

Jamf recommends providing feedback regarding issues with Apple betas to help support new Apple operating systems and other third-party software within the Apple ecosystem. Apple tracks tickets in order to maintain an open dialogue with your Apple account team to collect the most information and context about issues.

Contact Jamf Support for issues impacting your workflow regardless of the vendor. Jamf will provide customers with recommendations of workflows and escalating feedback with third parties when necessary.