Getting Started with Jamf Teacher

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Jamf Teacher is a free mobile device app that teachers can use to manage student devices in the classroom. Depending on the software your school uses to manage devices, you may be able to use the Jamf Teacher computer and web app.

You can only manage your students' devices with Jamf Teacher during the time periods specified by your school's Information Technology department.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the features in Jamf Teacher (the Teacher app).

Note: All workflows described here are for the mobile app. The options depicted may slightly vary if using the computer or web app.

This guide contains the following pages:

Logging In

There are two ways to log in to the Teacher app:

  • Automatic Log In—You are automatically logged in to the Teacher app on your school-managed mobile devices if that device is assigned to you.

  • Log In Using Credentials—Enter the credentials provided by your school in the mobile or web application. For more information on what the Teacher web application URL is, ask your school's IT department.

    Note: This feature may not be supported on your Teacher app depending on the software your school uses to manage devices and the settings your school has configured.

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