Creating Lessons

If permitted by your school's IT department, you can configure which apps, websites, and built-in apps students can use during lessons, such as Math or English. This ensures students can only access apps and websites that are related to the subject they are currently learning.

  1. In the Teacher app sidebar, tap Lessons.
  2. Tap Create Lesson.
  3. Enter a name and description for the lesson.
  4. (Optional) To only allow specific apps during the lesson, tap the Allowed Apps menu and tap the apps you want to allow. Tap Select.

    You can only select from apps that are installed on your device.

  5. (Optional) To add lesson resources, such as a Dropbox document or Google Drive document, tap Add Link under Lesson LInks, and enter a title and the full URL of a website starting with https://
    These lesson resources are available to students in the Student app when you start a lesson.

    This feature may not be supported on your Teacher app depending on the software your school uses to manage devices and the settings your school has configured.

  6. To allow only the websites specified in Lesson Links during the lesson, enable Lock in these websites.
  7. (Optional) To lock the students' devices in Safari, enable Lock in Safari.
  8. (Optional) To only allow specific types of apps during the lesson, use the switches to enable or disable the genres in the Allowed Genres section.
  9. (Optional) To only allow specific built-in apps during the lesson, use the switches to enable or disable built-in apps in the Allowed Functionality section.
  10. Tap Save.