Jamf Teacher Integration with Jamf School

When integrated with Jamf School, Jamf Teacher allows teachers to manage student devices in the classroom using classes, lessons, and App Request features:

  • ClassesClasses are groups of students assigned to a teacher that the teacher can manage. There are two kinds of classes in Jamf Teacher: assigned classes and custom classes. Assigned classes are classes created in Jamf School that are assigned to the teacher. These classes appear on the Jamf Teacher dashboard. Custom classes are ad-hoc classes created by the teacher from the Jamf Teacher app. Students in close proximity to the teacher are invited to join the classroom or can join manually in Jamf School Student by entering a code.

    Teachers must accept prompts to allow Jamf Teacher to access iBeacons and Locations to add student devices to a class.

  • LessonsLessons allow teachers to configure which apps, websites, resources, and built-in apps students can use during lessons such as Math or English, ensuring students only access apps and websites that are related to the subject they are currently learning. When creating lessons, teachers can also add lesson resources such as websites, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Lesson resources are available to students while the lesson is active.
  • Proctor TestProctoring tests allows teachers to view a student's screen and camera using video conferencing software while they are taking a test. Teachers can use this feature in Jamf Teacher by navigating to a student in a class, tapping Start Test, and then configuring the video conferencing software and test URL. For more information, see Starting a Proctored Test in the Jamf Teacher Guide for Teachers.
  • App RequestApp Request with Jamf School allows teachers to request apps for students by using the App Store and Jamf Teacher. The App Requests icon on the Jamf Teacher dashboard allows teachers to see the apps they requested and the status of those requests. To use App Request, you must enable email notifications and have administrator accounts assigned to an administrator role with the "App Request" privilege. For more information, see Enabling App Request in the Jamf School Documentation.

Integrating Jamf Teacher with Jamf School allows administrators to limit the management capabilities of Jamf Teacher by doing the following:

  • Clear teacher restrictions using a quick action command

  • Control which features teachers can use in Jamf Teacher by enabling and disabling them in Organization > Settings > Jamf School Teacher

  • Control which apps are always allowed and for how long a teacher can restrict apps. This overrides teacher app restrictions.

To integrate the Jamf Teacher app with Jamf School, you must configure the app settings in Jamf School. Then you can distribute the Jamf Teacher app to teachers.

Configuring Jamf Teacher Settings in Jamf School

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings.
  2. Use the Jamf School Student payload to configure management settings in the Features section.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Use the Jamf School Student payload to configure settings and management capabilities.
  5. Click Save.

Distributing Jamf Teacher Using Jamf School

You can distribute the Jamf Teacher app by adding the app from the App Store to Jamf School or by purchasing it through Apps and Books in Apple School Manager. For more information, see Distributing Apps and Books Purchased with Apple School Manager and Distributing App Store Apps in the Jamf School Documentation. If teachers do not see Jamf Teacher on their device after it is distributed, make sure that the settings configured in Organization > Settings > Jamf Teacher do not conflict with the settings applied to the teacher user account.

For more information about the Jamf Teacher user experience, see the Jamf Teacher Guide for Teachers.

Teachers are automatically logged in to Jamf Teacher on devices they are assigned to. If they are not assigned to the device, teachers can log in to Jamf Teacher by using their user account credentials or by navigating to the Jamf Teacher web application. The Jamf Teacher web application URL is the full URL for the Jamf School server followed by "/teacher". For example: https://schoolname.jamfcloud.com/teacher

When distributing apps, documents, and profiles to teachers, they must be configured to install on-demand to appear on the dashboard. For more information, see Content Distribution Methods and Device Profiles in the Jamf School Documentation.

Removing Teacher Restrictions

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Devices in the sidebar.
  2. Click the device you want to send the quick action command to.
  3. In the device details pane, click Clear Teacher Restrictions in the sidebar.