System Requirements

Levels of Compatibility

The following table provides descriptions of the levels of compatibility for Jamf Security testing and product issue support:

Compatibility Level


Full compatibility

Jamf targets development and testing resources to configurations at this level.

Minimum Supported

High compatibility

Most configurations at this level were previously recommended and are likely to work.

Apple Device Requirements

The following table lists Apple OS compatibility requirements for managed computers and mobile devices:



macOS 13.x

iOS 16.x

iPadOS 16.x

Minimum Supported

macOS 11.x

iOS 13.x

iPadOS 13.7

Jamf Security services are compatible with both supervised and unsupervised iOS and iPadOS devices, and with both physical as well as eSIMs. For more detailed information on eSIM support, contact

Jamf does not provide support for beta versions of Apple operating systems.

Android Device Requirements

Jamf security services compatibility with Android operating system (OS) releases for mobile device management is generally based on a 4-year cycle. Google tends to release a new OS version once per year. This means that Jamf will support the current major version ("N") and the four previous major versions ("-4") within either the Recommended or Minimum Supported compatibility levels.

Samsung Android

  • Android 9 or later, Knox SDK version 3.2.1 or later, and Google Play Services 11.0.4 or later

  • Devices using an eSIM configuration are compatible with Security Policy, Block Policy, and Access Policy, but not with Data Policy.

  • When using both Android Enterprise and a third-party VPN, contact your Jamf representative for configuration guidance.


There are a limited number of Samsung models that do not use the Knox SDK. These devices can only be enrolled as Other Android devices and will receive all Other Android capabilities and features, instead of the specific Samsung Android ones. You can find a list of these devices on the Samsung website.

Other Android

Android devices using Android 8 or later, running Google Play Services 11.0.4 or later


Jamf does not provide support for beta versions of Android operating systems.

Android Enterprise Modes

Jamf recommends using Android Enterprise to make your deployment as easy as possible. For more information on compatibility with Android Enterprise, see Android Device Compatibility.

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 10.0.14393 or later (1607) or any version of Windows 11, running on an x64 or x86 machine

  • .NET 4.7.1 or later

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 or later - Download

Agentless Device Requirements

  • Any Mi-Fi ("Jetpack") device that supports manual DNS settings. A list of officially supported devices can be found in the overview.

  • The device must use Verizon as a carrier.

End of Life Operating Systems

Important: We strongly recommend that you use the latest OS supported by the device manufacturer, for performance and security reasons.

We periodically remove support for older OS versions, which we strive to keep for 2 years for iOS and iPadOS and 4 years for Android devices. The start of support includes the launch date of the OS update. In the event that an OS is not updated it will no longer be eligible for newer versions of Jamf Trust. The last supported Jamf Trust version for each OS version are as follows:

Operating SystemAPI LevelLast Supported App Version

Android 7 (Nougat)

24 - 25

Android 6 (Marshmallow)


Android 5 (Lollipop)

21 - 22


iOS and iPadOS
Operating SystemLast Supported App Version

iOS 12


iOS 11


iOS 10


We plan to decommission the above mentioned app versions in the near future. We will provide advanced notice before doing so.

Jamf Trust Version Support


Jamf strongly recommends that you use the latest version of the app to benefit from the latest features and fixes, using automatic app updates where applicable. It may not be possible to resolve all queries for older app versions, and as a result you may need to upgrade to the latest versions.

Jamf Trust 6 or later is supported on iOS, iPadOS, and Android, and all Jamf Trust versions are supported on Windows and macOS

The presence of the app is a minimum requirement for support of the Jamf Security services.

iOS and iPadOS Mandatory Elements

On iOS and iPadOS devices, Jamf Security services are delivered via the combination of two mandatory elements on the end user device: the Jamf Trust app and the in-network vectoring method. A partial deployment is not supported and may result in unexpected behavior.

The network configuration can be delivered in two different ways:
  • A VPN configuration

  • A Global HTTP Proxy network profile (supervised devices only)

Both methods modify the device's network settings to route traffic through Jamf's gateway infrastructure.

UEM Integration Requirements

RADAR supports the latest versions of the following UEM solutions:

  • Jamf Pro

  • Jamf School

  • VMWare Workspace ONE 8.4.3 or later with Orange license or higher

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly InTune)

  • IBM MaaS360

  • MobileIron Core 9.2 or later

  • MobileIron Cloud Gold license

  • Citrix Endpoint Manager

RADAR Browser Requirements

RADAR supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari 9

  • Microsoft Edge 12

Port Requirements

If a device is configured to use Jamf Security proxy for Wi-Fi connections, the service requires outbound access to port range 2000-5999. This may require creating an exception if you have corporate firewalls rules in place.

For more information, see Jamf Private Access Endpoint Agent Traffic.