Applications and Services

RADAR Admin Portal

The RADAR portal is a web application that is used to manage various Jamf Securityapplications and services.

The RADAR portal also provides access to a dashboard of information and reports about the connected devices in your environment.

Administrators can sign in to RADAR at

Jamf is in the process of transitioning product branding, file hosting, and URLs from Wandera to Jamf. During this transition, some file paths and URLs may continue to use Wandera labels and locations.

For more information, see RADAR Portal.


Depending on the services your organization has purchased, one or more of the following may be used to manage and secure your devices:

Jamf Private Access

Jamf Private Access provides remote workers with encrypted access to corporate resources regardless of their location, while reducing the risk of lateral attacks. You can allow access to cloud applications for sanctioned endpoints only, while reducing requirements for step-up authentications.

For more information, see Private Access.

Jamf Threat Defense

Jamf Threat Defense offers multi-level protection to keep devices safe from cyber threats, malicious downloads, and data leaks. This protection includes vulnerability assessments, app scans, device behavior anomaly detection, and network-based security protections.

For more information, see Threat Defense.

Jamf Data Policy

Jamf Data Policy allows you to control and visualize your company's data usage. You can set data usage caps, thresholds, and notifications for both domestic and roaming usage. You can also apply content filtering and block specific apps, sites, and services from being accessed on user devices.

For more information, see Data Policy.

Jamf Device Identity
Jamf Device Identity is an access provider that utilizes the Jamf Trust app and allows AWS administrators to define a set of policies that must be met before end users can gain access to internal resources.

Jamf Trust

The Jamf Trust app is installed on devices to provide users with information and features pertaining to the various Jamf Security security features configured for their device.

Depending on the services your organization has purchased, Jamf Trust notifies the device user of their data usage, policy updates, and major security threats, and allows secure remote access to corporate resources.

The Jamf Trust app can be installed on devices with the following operating systems:

  • iOS

  • iPadOS

  • Android

  • macOS

  • Windows