Replacing Licenses on Broken or Damaged Devices

When devices are broken or damaged, you can transfer the devices' perpetual licenses to new devices if Jamf Customer Success determines that there is sufficient support documentation from Apple to process a license transfer. This workflow explains how to request to transfer the perpetual license from a broken or damaged device to a new device.

  1. Initiate a repair request via Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. To initiate a repair request online, navigate to

    If you want to repair your own devices, you can apply for Apple's Self-Servicing Account Program. For more information, see Self-Servicing Account Program from Apple's support website.

  2. Save the support documentation from Apple that includes the serial numbers of both the old and new devices.

    Jamf Customer Success cannot transfer the license to the new device without the support documentation from Apple.

  3. Once the old devices have been replaced, enroll the new devices in Jamf School. For more information about the methods you can use to enroll devices, see Enrollment Methods.
  4. After enrolling the devices, send an email to Jamf School Customer Success at with the support documentation from Apple attached.

Jamf Customer Success will review the supporting documentation and determine if there is sufficient information to process a perpetual license transfer.