Jamf School Beta Program

The Jamf School Beta Program allows you to test and provide feedback on new features in Jamf School before they are released.

Signing Up for the Jamf School Beta Program

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Jamf School Beta Program category.
  3. Select the Enroll in the Jamf School Beta Program checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

When you enroll in the beta program, your environment will be automatically unenrolled when the beta features are released to the public.


You cannot unenroll before the features are released. Any changes to settings made during the beta period are preserved after the beta features are released.

Jamf School Beta Feature Testing

You can find a list of beta features in the beta release notes by navigating to Organization > Settings > Jamf School Beta Program.

Some features require you to install a beta version of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, or macOS. You can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program at https://beta.apple.com. If you are a developer, you can download the latest betas at https://developer.apple.com.

Providing Jamf School Beta Feature Feedback

Jamf encourages you to provide feedback for new beta features and submit defects.

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Beta Feedback in the sidebar.
  2. Enter a subject in the Subject field.
  3. Enter your feedback in the Feedback field.
  4. (Optional) Attach an image or video by clicking Browse or dragging and dropping the file in the Attachment field.

    You can only upload files less than 10 MB.

  5. Click Submit Beta Feedback.