Jamf Parent Integration with Jamf School

The Jamf Parent app allows parents to manage their children's school-issued iOS or iPadOS device by allowing and restricting apps and device functionality.

There are two ways parents can add their children's devices to Jamf Parent: by using a QR code on the student's device or by using their login credentials created in Jamf School. If parents add their child's device to Jamf Parent by scanning the QR code on the child's device, you do not need to create a parents user group and accounts in Jamf School. If you decide to generate parent accounts in Jamf School, you must create a parents user group and users.

Parents can install the free Jamf Parent app from the App Store or Google Play or use the Jamf Parent web application. If parents have an Apple Watch paired with their iPhone, the Jamf Parent app installs on their Apple Watch as well. The Jamf Parent web application URL is the full URL for your Jamf School server, followed by "/parent". For example: https://schoolname.jamfcloud.com/parent

Jamf School administrators can download and send this guide to parents to help them get started with Jamf Parent: https://www.jamf.com/resources/product-documentation/jamf-parent-guide-for-jamf-school-parents/


To prevent students from managing other students' school-issued devices with Jamf Parent, you can distribute a profile that blocklists the Jamf Parent app on student devices. For more information, see Device Profiles. It is also recommended that you use a profile to enforce passcodes on student devices. You can also remove restrictions set by Jamf Parent from student devices by using a quick action command. For more information, see Quick Action Commands for Device Management.

Configuring Jamf Parent Settings

Before parents can use the app, you must configure the settings for Jamf Parent in Jamf School.


To configure Jamf Parent, you need supervised student devices with Jamf School Student installed. For more information, see Jamf School Student Integration with Jamf School.

If you want to generate parent accounts in Jamf School, you must create a parents user group and users. For more information, see User Accounts and Generating User Account Credentials.

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings in the sidebar.
  2. Click the Jamf Parent payload.
  3. Select the Enable Jamf Parent checkbox and configure additional settings, including the time restrictions.
  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) To allow parents to scan a QR code on their child's device, click the Jamf School Student payload, and then select the Allow parent devices to use a QR code to pair with student devices checkbox.
 If you enabled the QR code, parents can now use Jamf Parent to scan the QR code on student devices to add the device to the app.

    If you did not enable the QR code, you must create a parents user group in Jamf School, create parent accounts, and send login credentials to parents via email or mail.

After parents download the Jamf Parent app from the App Store or Google Play, they can log in using the username and password in the email they receive.