You can use incidents to report issues related to users and devices to other Jamf School administrators or to keep a history of issues. Before you can create an incident in Jamf School, you must create incident types.

Creating Incident Types

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings in the sidebar.
  2. Use the Incident Types payload to add an incident type by clicking + Add incident type.
  3. In the Add incident type pop-up dialog, enter a name for the incident type in the Name field.
  4. Click Apply.

Creating Incidents


To register an incident, a device must be assigned to a user. For more information, see User Assignment to Devices.

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Users > Users in the sidebar.
  2. Select the user you want to report the incident for.
  3. In the user details, click the Incidents tab.
  4. Click Register incident, and configure the Register Incident pop-up dialog, including the incident type.
  5. Click Register Incident.

You can view reported incidents by navigating to Incidents in the sidebar. You can close an incident by clicking on the incident, and then clicking Close incident.