Content Distribution Methods

After enrolling devices, you can assign apps and books to those devices. You can distribute content to devices using one or more of the following methods:

  • Apple School Manager

    You can purchase apps and books in volume from Apple School Manager and distribute them by uploading a token to Jamf School. You can also distribute custom apps developed by your school or a third-party individual to devices using Apple School Manager and Jamf School.

  • App Store

    When distributing apps purchased from the App Store, users must sign in with their Apple ID before the apps can be distributed. If you want to eliminate this step, you can purchase apps and books using Apple School Manager and assign the licenses to your users' devices instead. Apps can be assigned to a device serial number on devices with iOS 9 or later.

  • In-house

    In-house apps, books, and documents are either developed through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program or content created by your school, such as PDFs. You can manually distribute in-house apps, books, and documents to users and devices in Jamf School.