Users and Groups

The following sub-categories are listed under Users & Groups:

  • Overview—A list of all the users in Jamf School Management System

  • User Detail—A detailed view of a single user

  • Trash—A list of deleted Users

  • Groups—All created user-groups within Jamf School Management System

In the overview you can see all the users that are in Jamf School Management System, and several available options:

  • Adding new users

  • Importing users (EdeXML and CSV files)

  • Exporting users (CSV file)

  • Filtering

  • Searching

User Detail


When a user is clicked in the overview you'll see the detail page as shown above, on this detail page there's a few things you can see regarding this user:

  • Profile information

  • Jamf School Teacher & Classroom App information

  • Jamf School Parent information

  • VPP Token status

  • Approximate location

    Note: This is based on the public IP address the user is connecting to.

  • Currently assigned devices

  • VPP License information

  • Incidents regarding this user

    Note: Explained in detail in the "Incidents" section.



This is an overview of all the deleted users. These users have no access anymore.



Here you can see all the groups that are available in Jamf School Management System, both manually created ones and imported from Apple School Manager.

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