Setting Up Shared iPads

Shared iPad allows you to deliver personalized experiences on an iPad shared by multiple users. You can set up Shared iPads using Apple School Manager and Jamf School.

General Requirements

To set up Shared iPad, you need:

  • Supervised iPads with Shared iPad enabled and iOS 9.3 or later enrolled via Automated Device Enrollment (For more information, see Automated Device Enrollment.)

    Note: You can also configure the storage quota per user on Shared iPads with iOS or iPadOS 13.4 or later by using the Shared iPad User Storage Quota pop-up menu in the Automated Device Enrollment profile settings. This overrides the Max. number of users setting when it is configured.

  • Teachers and classes synced to Apple School Manager (For more information, see Synchronization.)

  • Education profile installed on teacher devices

  • An iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4

  • iPads with at least 32 GB of storage

    Note: On devices with 32 GB of storage, each user needs a minimum of 1 GB. On devices with 64 GB of storage, each user needs a minimum of 2 GB.

Configuring Shared iPad Settings

You can configure settings for iPads with Shared iPad enabled in Jamf School.

  1. In Jamf School, navigate to Organization > Settings in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Shared iPad payload.

  3. Enter the name that you want to display on the sign in screen in the Organization name field.

  4. To allow teachers to sign in to the iPad with their Managed Apple ID and populate the Classroom app with information from Apple School Manager, select the Allow teacher users to sign in on iPads with Shared iPad enabled checkbox.

    Note: The Automatically configure Apple Classroom based on Classes and Users in Jamf School setting must be disabled in the Apple Classroom settings for this feature to work.

  5. Click Save.

Related Information

For related information about how to prepare Shared iPads, see Prepare Shared iPad in Apple's Mobile Device Management Settings.

For related information about how to configure a Shared iPad passcode using Apple School Manager, see Create Shared iPad passcodes in Apple School Manager in the Apple School Manager User Guide.

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