Release History

Jamf School 8.2.0

Jamf School 8.2.0 provides compatibility for macOS 10.15.

Enrollment Enhancements

During Automated Device Enrollment (DEP enrollment), you can allow computers to skip the Screen Time and Touch ID setup screens during enrollment.

Activation Lock on Computers

You can now enable Activation Lock on computers with macOS 10.15 and a T2 chip. For a list of computers with a T2 chip, see the following article from Apple's support website: You can also view computers that support Activation Lock from the device details in Jamf School. To enable Activation Lock, navigate to Organization > Settings > Enrollment.

Profile Enhancements

Jamf School 8.2.0 includes new macOS 10.15 settings in the following profile payloads:

  • Privacy Preferences Policy Control—Added additional security settings for macOS 10.15.

  • Content Caching—Added the ability to configure alerts, automatically clean up disk space, and ensure the computer does not sleep.

  • Notifications—Added support for this payload on computers with macOS 10.15.

Other Enhancements

  • Added support for new gestures in macOS 10.15.

  • You can now configure if recently used apps appear separately in the Dock.

  • You can now control automatic macOS and app updates.

  • Jamf School now stores information about computer boot levels.

  • You can now configure Automatic Software update preferences for computers.

  • You can now automatically populate primary user information based on the user logged in to the computer.

  • You can now configure Associated Domains to use with features such as Extensible AppSSO, universal links, and Password AutoFill.

  • You can now configure a web content filter plugin.

Jamf School 8.1.1

Jamf Parent Enhancements

Added the ability to enforce local authentication to Jamf Parent when Google, Azure, or LDAP is configured as an authentication method.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Fixed an issue that prevented the Energy Saver payload from applying correctly on computers.

Jamf School 8.1.0

Jamf School 8.1.0 provides compatibility for iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1, and tvOS 13.

User Enrollment

iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 introduces User Enrollment as a new form of mobile device management for enrolling personally owned devices in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. It is designed to keep corporate data safe on devices while protecting users' privacy.

User Enrollment keeps personal and institutional data separate by associating a personal Apple ID with personal data and a Managed Apple ID with corporate data. This allows for a limited management of devices using a set of configurations and policies that associate management with the user, not the entire device. The user can access their corporate data without the administrator erasing, modifying, or viewing personal data. This separation allows users to keep their personal data protected and intact once the device is removed from Jamf School, while the corporate data is deleted.

User Enrollment allows administrators to:

  • Configure accounts

  • Configure per-app VPN

  • Install and configure apps

  • Require a passcode

  • Enforce certain restrictions

  • Issue an MDM command or query gathering information about apps, accounts and configuration provided by the MDM solution

  • Unenroll the device and cause all organizationally provided data, apps, and accounts to be deleted

User Enrollment prevents administrators from:

  • Obtaining any persistent device identities (like Serial Number, UDID or IMEI) and instead uses a unique value to identify the device for the duration of the enrollment

  • Setting the complex alphanumeric passcode restriction

  • Clearing the device passcode or lowering the security of the device

  • Enforcing certain restrictions

  • Taking over management of an app that a user installed themselves

  • Issuing an MDM command or query gathering information about apps downloaded with the user’s personal Apple ID

  • Remotely wiping the entire device

  • Accessing any cellular features

  • Adding payloads that collect logs on the device

  • Adding any supervised restrictions to the user’s device

Users can enroll devices using User Enrollment by navigating to the same enrollment URL as on-device enrollment. For example: "". When prompted, users must enter their Managed Apple ID.

Enrollment Customization Enhancements

Jamf School 8.1.0 adds support for user authentication during enrollment with a Google account. For more information, see Setting Up Google Sign-In in Jamf School.

Apple TV Management Capabilities

You can now prevent Apple TV devices with tvOS 13 from going to sleep.

Jamf School 8.0.0

Jamf School 8.0.0 provides compatibility for iOS 13.

Enrollment Customization

You can use the Enrollment Customization settings in Jamf School to further customize the enrollment experience for a user when they enroll their computer or mobile device with Jamf School. Enrollment Customization allows you to configure custom branding, consent text, and modern authentication that displays during enrollment when enrolling using Apple School Manager. To configure custom branding settings, navigate to Organization > Settings > Appearance. To configure consent text in a DEP profile, navigate to Organization > Agreements.

Mobile Device Management Capabilities

Profile Enhancements

The following list provides an overview of the mobile device profile enhancements in this release, organized by payload:

  • Single App Mode—You can now enable or disable voice control and prevent users from configuring the setting.

  • Certificates—You can now allow or disallow private keys from being exported from the Keychain.

  • Exchange—You can now enable or disable the Calendars, Contacts, Mail, Notes, and Reminders services, and allow or disallow users from changing those settings. Additionally, ActiveSync now supports OAuth.

  • Network Usage Rules—You can now configure which SIM cards devices can use based on their Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID). You can also specify if Wifi Assist should be used.

  • Wi-Fi—You can now configure WPA3 networks.

  • Restrictions—The following restrictions have been added for supervised iOS devices:

    • Allow continuous path keyboard

    • Allow Find My Device

    • Allow Find My Friends

    • Allow modification of the WiFi state

    • Allow USB Drive access in the Files app

  • Single Sign On—iOS 13 introduces a new systemwide extension framework for SSO to make it easier for employees to login to corporate apps and websites. The new framework will support cloud identity providers who adopt this extension and in configurable via MDM.

Jamf Parent Web Application

The Jamf Parent web application has been rewritten from the ground up and allows parents for easy management of their kids devices. The new web app introduces a new, modern, look and feel and has support for mobile devices.

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