Jamf School Apps FAQ

The following information addresses frequently asked questions about the Jamf School apps for parents, teachers, and students.

How do parents and teachers access the Jamf School Teacher and Jamf School Parent web apps?

The web apps can be accessed at the following URLs (replace "schoolname" with the actual name of the school):

  • https://schoolname.jamfcloud.com/teacher

  • https://schoolname.jamfcloud.com/parent

Why do teachers see the Jamf School Student app?

If a teacher cannot see the Teacher app, check the following:

  • Ensure that the teacher is assigned to the right group.

  • Ensure that the Jamf School Teacher setting in the group is set to Allowed.

  • In the Jamf School Management System under Organisation > Settings > Jamf School Teacher, ensure that any configured settings or restrictions do not conflict with the teacher's settings.

If the teacher is still not able to see the Teacher app, gather information on the issue and submit a support ticket.

Why can't the AirPlay share option be used on student devices using the Jamf School Teacher app?

The AirPlay function in the Jamf School Teacher app allows a teacher to force a student device to broadcast to AirPlay.

If the "No AirPlay devices were found in your organisation" error message is displayed, this is most likely because there are no Apple TV devices enrolled in your environment. In order for AirPlay to work, you'll also need to have the Apple TV enrolled with Jamf School.

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